Friday, September 14, 2012

I'm back!!

Yes, I did fall off the face of the earth for a few weeks. School has started again, and my little Aria is quite mobile now, so I have had trouble getting to the computer. And, to tell the truth I had a bad week when it came to weight loss. I think it was beneficial though. I gained two pounds the week of the 24th, but I’ve been on a losing streak since then. I am officially down OVER 60 pounds now!!! I'm down 62 pounds actually!!!

The bad week led to a new resolve. I have worked very hard to lose weight again, and am back on track. That week reminded me of why I am doing this, for health. I want to be a healthy woman, and mom. I want to be at a healthy weight during my next pregnancy. And, lately I’ve realized how ready I am for that next baby. Getting to my goal weight is all that stands in my way.
Working out has become fun again. I look forward to doing my crunches and to hopping on the elliptical. I have gone back a few weeks in my 5K running program, and have added resistance to the elliptical. It’s SO much harder running through the false hills the elliptical creates, than running without resistance. I just listen to my music and press forward. I have even started smiling while I “run” again.
Anyway, I don’t know what I should say. This blog post is really horrible, but I wanted to thank you all for following so far, and to reassure you that I’m not quitting, but that I’m trucking right along. I will be at that goal by graduation. I’ll try not to stay away from the computer so long. Stick with me and celebrate with me as I continue to encounter these milestones in weight loss.