Monday, October 1, 2012

Senior Slump and Milestones

Okay, I’m officially a senior this year, and the school work is as to be expected, overwhelming. The abundance of assignments is why I have not been posting, but it has not kept me from working out! I was on the elliptical every week-day last week and it was great. I have finished the 30 minute running program (again), but this time I have “hills” to run over. The last runs (29 or 30 minutes running and 10 minutes walking) I have gone 3.23 and 3.25 miles according to the elliptical. It felt great!
I have decided I will continue to run daily during the week, giving myself the weekend off to rest and play. I will do the hour program on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and then 30 minute runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays! I am SO excited about it. And, for the first time in my life I will be getting the recommended minimum amount of daily activity…actually, honestly I’ll be getting more, because it’s pretty intense activity. Plus, I am still doing my ab work on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
On to other news…I reached an exciting milestone this week. No, it is not necessarily a weight milestone (though I’m only about 5 pounds away from 70 pounds lost), but it’s still very exciting. I am currently sitting in my chair in my favorite pair of pre-pregnancy jeans!!! They were my favorite jeans pre-pregnancy, not just now, and I am SOOO excited to be back in them.
Almost all of the clothes I wore when I got pregnant fit now, the only things that don’t are a few shirts, and they may not fit until I’m much smaller than I was due to differences in my body caused by having a baby. I won’t complain about those body parts being bigger though, if you know what I mean! I probably shouldn’t have said that, but it’s true!
It is very possible to hope to be at 70 pounds lost in two weeks. And I have a special reason to hope that. I will be venturing on a weekend trip with my hubby to a special football game that weekend. If I am at that goal I will be where I was 2 years ago at the same game! I am so excited to see the results. I feel so blessed that God is allowing the weight to come off.
 I still don’t love working out, but I can tolerate it and I’m excited to do it because of the differences it is making in my stamina. I love the way my lungs feel after a good run, and I’m beginning to really love the sweat a good run brings about. It just amazes me at how God made our bodies, to keep itself cool, to work to keep itself healthy, and even to repair damage we have done to it…at least this damage anyway.
The whole process reminds me of how blessed I am to have second chances. I’m so grateful that God not only is giving me a second chance with my body, but that He gives us second chances in our lives. I am so grateful for His redemption through sin. It amazes me that He suffered as He did, both as the Son on the cross, and as the Father turning away from His Son, just so He can have a relationship with us. I’m so blessed that He would allow me to come to Him freely, and about anything. It is just so humbling to realize that He is willing to listen to me thank Him for weight loss and activity, as well as to listen as I request He help me continue to lose weight.
Maybe there is too much to say for this to be a blog post. So sorry it was so long, but I hope you are celebrating the milestones with my anyway. And, if you do not know the second chances that God has given that I am so thankful for, send me a message and I’ll tell you a little more about. Or head to any bible preaching church (doesn’t matter denomination or church name, just that they preach truth from the bible) and someone there can tell you about it as well.