Friday, October 28, 2011

Recent Life Lessons

                I know I need to update, but I don’t necessarily have a specific verse today. God is teaching me so much right now. I am having trouble figuring out where to begin.
                I guess I’ll start with this pregnancy. I’m not a patient person, but thankfully God is working on that through the pregnancy. I guess that is a good place to start since children take more patience than I can comprehend.
                Being impatient hopefully implies that I don’t like to wait on things. Well, pregnancy is nothing but a waiting game. At first it was waiting to hear the heartbeat for the first time, or see the ultrasound for the first time, then to find out the sex, and to feel her move. Now, I’m just waiting for her to come. There are only three months left, but those three month seem like an eternity at times. Of course, there also feels like there’s not enough time to prepare at times.
                The last few months have been extremely busy for us. This has made the waiting more bearable. It seems that our weekends have been filled since football season began. If we’re not at a game (which means there is an away game that we still have to watch on TV) then we’re travelling to see family, or we have another even at home. Some weekends we travel and have big events. We are also very busy during the week, so there is not much time to rest. Actually, there is no time to rest.
                I love all of the things we are doing, but living at a constant 90 mph pace is exhausting. Last weekend I looked around my house and realized it is not as clean as I want it. So I started cleaning, and nearly broke down with exhaustion. Then a verse from Psalm popped into my mind, “He lets me rest in green meadows; he leads me beside peaceful streams.” Tears came to my eyes. Where are my green meadows? Then I thought of all the upcoming weekends that weren’t yet filled. I went inside, sat next to Cameron, and asked him to guard those weekends for me. We are both determined to say, “no” to anything that will interfere with rest on those weekends.
                This brings me to another lesson I’ve learned recently. My husband is incredible. He is so wonderful to be willing to guard my weekends (and in turn my sanity). I look at my life and I can’t stop seeing how incredibly blessed I am. It makes me want to scream with joy. Sure, things aren’t always on a happy tone (seriously I was just crying about not having enough time), but things are always blessed.
If we didn’t rely on God I’m sure we’d have a different perspective. Learning to live on one income is tough, to say the least. But, God is providing. Even if it means we don’t get everything we want, or that we can’t do everything we want, we still have everything we need (and then some). I am so grateful for a God who cares about all the little things in our lives. And, I am grateful that he made Cameron to be the man to guide me. It is easy to be confident in our choices when I know that my husband is following God.
There are so many lessons that I won’t go into right now. I do want to leave you with this. Don’t be like me and ignore the need to rest. Don’t overlook the green meadows and peaceful streams. Seek refuge in God when you need rest. And don’t forget to give Him thanks, even when it seems no rest is near.

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