Friday, December 2, 2011

Lying in the Valley

I have to say something more about God accomplishing His plans in His ways. Earlier this week we were shocked to find out Cameron didn’t get a job he had applied for. He had basically been told he got it, and then he received a phone call saying he didn’t. He didn’t not get the job because of anything he did, if anything they said he was overqualified.
Anyway, the why doesn’t matter, what does is that it hurt. It hurt bad! We had really thought this was God’s way of giving us the insurance we so badly need for our newborn. Well, it wasn’t. We had been obedient in our timing of having a child, even though we didn’t understand about the insurance, but all of a sudden we couldn’t see how it was going to happen. We felt like I imagine Mary feeling about Christ being born in Bethlehem. We knew God had a plan…and we sincerely thanked Him for that plan, but it was still hard not to ask “how will we get insurance for our baby.”
There are reasons she can’t be on my insurance, and Cameron can’t get a personal policy, so he’s gone without health insurance for a little over a year. But yesterday he came home and told me his boss hired a group insurance specialist to come to the office to show their options. Today, we found out that we WILL be offered group insurance! We don’t know about the price, but we trust that God will take care of that! He provides all of our needs, and today we were honored to see Him providing for our needs in a situation when just two days ago we couldn’t imagine how He would meet them.
Today I am grateful that Cameron didn’t get the job for a big reason: if he had, I wouldn’t have been able to see God making an impossible situation possible. I told my dad, sometimes it’s nice to be thrown off a mountain, because you land in a valley. It’s the best feeling in the world to lie in the grass next to my Jesus and see the magnificence of his works rolling by like clouds in the sky!

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