Friday, March 9, 2012

Life Now

Wow! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on here. Life has been crazy since my last post…crazy, but wonderful. I had to quit work a few weeks early due to mild preeclampsia. Aria waited, and waited, and at 39 weeks we were induced due to my high blood pressure. Aria came into the world at a perfect 6 lbs 10 oz, and 20 inches long. No one could believe how alert she was from the very beginning. She is still extremely alert, and in my very biased opinion is the most beautiful baby in the world.

Anyway, throughout this entire thing God has continued teaching me about His plans and His timing. He has made it very clear that His plans are not my plans, and that my timing is not His. Proverbs 16:9 has become very true in my life. I may make plans, but God paves the way. I can go nowhere without His guidance.
I had planned to not be induced, but I was induced, and it was an incredible experience. My labor, though painful until I got the epidural (I don’t care what anyone says, it was the right thing for me). Even while I was pushing the labor was fun. It was nice to be able to make joked between pushes, knowing that my doctor would be cracking jokes with me. It didn’t happen as I had planned it, but I don’t think anyone would have planned laughter during delivery.  And, aria came out perfectly alert, after 5 pushes. She was, and is, perfect.
I had also planned to exclusively nurse my little angel. It took 3 weeks of her not gaining weight (not even getting back to her birth weight), and then another 4 weeks of very slow weight gain and constant nursing before I admitted there was a problem. My plan was to exclusively nurse, but due to an extremely sensitive gag reflex and a low milk supply I am now pumping and bottle feeding. We are also feeding formula when needed. And, guess what…my little girl is much happier and is gaining weight steadily. I finally listened to my God given instincts, rather than my selfish desires, and my baby is better off for it.
Finally, and mostly what I wanted to write about, Cam has had plans for his job for quite some time now. You may remember that in December he interviewed for a job and was very disappointed when he didn’t get it. Well, nearly four months later we may have a clue as to why. That same position has opened up in the Tulsa office. We don’t know if he’ll get the job, but we do know that they can offer him more money, and that they are under pressure to get a high producer in there (and he is the highest producer in the state). We also know that there are several people interceding for him, both in prayer and with the hiring manager. He has had so many influential people recommend him for this job (including the vice president of the company). He interviews on Tuesday. We have no earthly idea if he will get it or not, but we know it would be a beautiful picture of how God’s plans were made perfect by our temporary disappointment.
I hope to have good news next week, but I won’t promise to post if I do. Being a full time mom is easier than I expected it to be, but my time is spent entertaining Miss Aria more than I expected it to be. I thought newborns slept all day, but that is not true of my little one. She likes her play time.  And, she’s calling for that play time now. I’m going to go entertain my little blessing. And I will thank God for His timing to bring her into our lives. She has definitely increased our faith, but that’s another blog entry.

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