Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Prayers for Cameron

I have a wonderful husband! He is unlike any man I’ve ever met. He is the most devoted husband and father (already) that I think exists. He is SO wonderful! He has taken care of me this entire pregnancy and he is just wonderful.
Today he needs your prayers. He has a big job interview (I guess every job interview is big). He has wanted this job for three years, and it finally came open. He has worked diligently towards advancing his career in order to better support his family.
This job would include a pay raise, but most importantly it would give us health insurance. Right now I am on a health plan, but it will not cover our baby when she comes, which could leave a very large hospital bill. Also, he doesn’t have insurance at all, and can’t get accepted through a private policy. He has not seen a doctor in over a year (when our previous insurance expired), and I know it would take a lot of stress off of him if her knew his entire family were medically covered.
He has a lot of good references for this position, but the most important reference is God. We do want this job, VERY BADLY, but we understand that if he doesn’t get it, it is God’s will. We want His will above ours. So, today, please pray that this is His will and that Cam’s nerves will be calmed as he waits for this interview.
I want to see my husband’s smiling face tonight knowing he got the job, or at least did all he could do. Thank you in advance for your prayers! God bless, and hey, if you have any prayer requests please leave them in the comments section. I will make sure to check them throughout the day and pray over each item.

I will post the Christmas devotional this afternoon.

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