Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Satan's Lies

This is completely off the Christmas topic, but it’s something I feel I need to share. Lately I feel as though the enemy is attacking me in every way he can. It’s as though he knows I won’t let just one of his tactics get to me, so he’s trying a bunch of them at once.
Somehow, just this week, he has convinced me that I am worthless, ugly, undesirable, unlovable, and unforgivable. I know these things are not true, but after a day full of attacks I started to believe the lies. The attacks weren’t necessarily large things, in fact individually I wouldn’t have been bothered at all, but all together they made me miserable.
I know hormones probably played a large role in this. My third trimester is hitting me hard, and the enemy even used that to bring me down. Because I was tired and didn’t want to cook, he convinced me that I am a horrible wife and that I was not taking care of my family.
On top of the negativity he made me feel, he attacked me with stress. I am naturally more tired than I should be just because I’m pregnant. But, it’s also the last few weeks of school, so most of my professors are really hitting us hard. I have two large papers due in the next two weeks, and both make up large portions of final grades. Since I haven’t started either one I felt extremely stressed.
After a good cry I realized what was happening. I saw the lies the enemy was telling me, and decided it was time to combat them the only way I can: with the Word. Christ used the Word while battling with temptation in the desert. His fight with Satan was much different than mine, but any fight with Satan can be won just by pulling out the Truth that is the Word.
First, I realized that I am chosen by God. Ephesians 1:4 tells us He chose us before the even created the world. Wow! Think about how valuable that makes us! God, the very creator of the universe took time to CHOOSE me before he even made the world! He wanted us to be His children. He paid an enormous price and died on a cross, suffered incomparable pain, just to have a relationship with us! WOW!
As if that weren’t enough the bible tells me that I can do everything through Him who gives me strength (Philippians 4:13). I’m sure you’ve heard this verse before. If you’ve watched college or professional football in the last few years you almost certainly have, but with as many times as I have heard it, it brought life to me. Yes, the last few weeks of school will be stressful, but God called me to go to school, and God placed this baby inside of me. He will give me the strength to finish strong!
I sat down today and made a plan of action. Just having a detailed to-do list made me see how manageable the next few weeks can be. I will trust in the Lord and remain in His Word, and I know that the next time the enemy tries to discourage me I will be able to refute his claims.

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