Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I'm Back

I haven’t disappeared, though I’m working on making parts of me do so. This is my last week of the summer semester and I think it may just kill me.
 Friday I had another loss, and I was thrilled! Then Saturday I allowed myself to eat pretty much what I want. Let me say I will NEVER do that again. One meal of being a little overboard is one thing, but not sticking at all close to my points for the rest of the day…ick. Not only did I feel sick for the next two days, but I gained 5 pounds that day! Seriously, in 1 day I gained 5 POUNDS!!!
Yesterday morning all but 2 of those extra pounds were gone, but I had a crazy day. I was so busy trying to get my assignments finished before I don’t have another chance that I didn’t even get my crunches done until after my husband came home and we ate dinner.
I did do my crunches and around 9:30 last night I got on the elliptical. I’m on the last week of the 30-minute running program, and at this point they are just adding 1 minute for each run until I’m at 30 minutes on Friday. I ran for 28 minutes yesterday (plus the 5 minute warm up and cool down), and went 2.97 miles (according to my elliptical). It was definitely the furthest and fastest I have gone yet. And this morning I felt good. I peaked at the scale and I was down below what I was at my last weigh in. So, going overboard Saturday didn’t completely kill me, though I will not be doing that again as it left me feeling disgusting.
On a personal note, my daughter turned 6 months old last Thursday! We took her to get pictures taken at our JC Penny and she wouldn’t smile at us at all. The photos are still adorable if I do say so myself, I will post a few once my cd comes in. Also, she decided Sunday night that she wanted to learn to crawl. She doesn’t have it down yet…at all, but she sure does try. I know in the next week or so I will have some extra exercise running around after my little sweetheart.
I promise to try to post on the appropriate days this week, but I promise that even if I don’t post, I’m still running and eating right. I WILL be at my goal by graduation…but in order to have graduation I must finish my assignments and pass my classes J


  1. oh! Here's the link! https://viewimages.jcpportraits.com/sharealbum/sharealbumlist?rndId=AAIDCARPWQ%3D%3D&uId=AwgCBQRDXQ%3D%3D

    When I get the actual cd I will post my favoriites.

  2. my little guy is 7 months-i love this age! the crawling is crazy!


    1. I am sorry I didn't see this until now! I just discovered I didn't have any notifications for comments set up, and the email address entered was the wrong one...whoops!

      I just saw your blog and it's incredible! Your son is adorable. I look forward to seeing your future posts!