Friday, July 13, 2012

"Please Slow Down Your Weight Loss"

Hello! This has been a busy day already. The first thing I did this morning was sneak into the bathroom to weigh myself. Yes I weigh at home, but the scale is very reliable. I lost 2.8 pounds THIS WEEK!!! That is 46.4 pounds so far!!! I am SOOO excited! The scale is becoming my best friend!! Because I lost over two pounds my weight watchers app told me that I was losing too quickly, and I may need to slow my weight loss. Well, I am doing this healthfully and I know this is not a common occurrence, so I am going to rejoice in the loss!

I won’t have time to run tonight, so my husband came home during his lunch break to watch our daughter while I hopped on the elliptical (don’t worry, I didn’t actually hop on the elliptical). Today’s run was a little more challenging than I expected it to be. It was a 15 minute run, 3 minute walk, 10 minute run. For some reason with 6 minutes of run time left I wanted to quit, but I didn’t. My husband probably thought I was crazy as I cheered myself on telling myself I had just a few more minutes. I finished running with a cheer, and I can’t wait until Monday when I can run again.
That’s enough weight loss talk today. I want to tell you a little bit more about what inspired me to take on this journey. During the third trimester of my pregnancy I developed preeclampsia. This is pregnancy induced high blood pressure. It was not too severe, but I was put on modified bed rest at 35 weeks (the typical pregnancy is 40 weeks). It also made me miserable. I was more tired than I should have been, and I was so swollen that if my husband touched my feet an indention would remain. We ended up inducing labor at 39 weeks because of it, and we found out there were complications that we hadn’t even known about that could have been harmful to my daughter had we not induced labor.
You may be wondering why a past pregnancy has caused me to want to lose so much weight. Well, I want lots of children. When I say lots I’m not meaning 10 or 15, but at least 4.  I don’t want my future pregnancies to have any complications that I can prevent. I also want to live a long life for my children. My father and my husband each lost their fathers in their twenties. I don’t want my kids to experience that. I want to meet my grandchildren, and possibly great-grandchildren.
A more immediate desire to lose the weight is the playground. I loved going to the park when I was little. I remember playing on the playground and sliding down the slide. I want my daughter to experience the slide, and not have to wait until she is old enough to go down by herself. I want to be able to fit on the slide with her, and experience hearing her laugh as we both slip towards the ground. I want to feel her hair moving in the wind while she giggles and I hold her. I want to be small enough to not worry about breaking the slide. I don’t want my weight to force me to miss out on anything! 
Well, my daughter just woke up so I need to go get her and not miss out on her babbling any more. I won't be able to blog this weekend, why don't you go check out my friend Danette's blog here She is taking on vegetarianism and she is such an inspiration for making such a huge change. I couldn’t imagine giving up meat, but she’s doing it.
Have a great weekend! – Diana

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