Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Seven Week Itch

I have heard relationships have a 7-year itch. Well, this week started week 7 of my running program, which means me really giving my all to this weight loss program, and I am experiencing an itch. This itch isn’t of boredom like the relational itch, but of a lack of motivation.
Monday my motivation was thinking about blogging, but tonight I didn’t even really want to do that. It all started when nothing sounded good for dinner. I really need to go grocery shopping, but haven’t had time with school and being out of town all weekend. Because of this we went through a drive through tonight. I so badly wanted to splurge and just eat something good. It’s been at least 7 weeks since I’ve had a fast food french fry, and they really sounded good, but I didn’t have enough daily points left for them and I really didn’t want to go into my weekly points or activity points because weigh in is just 2 days away.
This desire for yummy food demolished any excitement I had to run. Nevertheless I ran, and ran hard. I went all 26 consecutive minutes of running and didn’t give up! It was my longest consecutive run yet, and it’s only going to get better from here. Now that I’m done running I feel very proud, but not nearly what I felt after completing my first 20 minute run. I am lacking the excitement I need.
I think this lack of motivation is partially fueled by a mistake I made this morning. I peeked at the scale and saw I didn’t have a very big loss at all yet. I don’t know why that upsets me. I still have 2 days until weigh in, and I had lost some, just not a full pound. Anything can happen in two day. I could drop a pound and a half or more in that time. But, what I need to focus on is getting healthier!
So I celebrate now how quickly my heart and lungs recovered after my run. I didn’t even make it through my cool down before my breath was normal and my heart was no longer racing. Today’s run was still among one of the fastest paces so far, and the second furthest distance at 2.64 miles, but it was also the fastest recovery time.  THAT is something to celebrate. Even if the scale says I haven’t lost anything, I have gained a little bit more health. I am gaining life by sticking with this, and if that’s not enough to motivate me I don’t know what is!!!

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