Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Question For You

I can’t explain why it is so much harder to update now that I’m between semesters, than it was when I was in the thick of the semester. For some reason I don’t seem to have time to hop on the computer for anything.
This week has been an interesting week. I injured a muscle in my leg Sunday, and haven’t been able to do crunches because of it all week. I started the 60-minute running program on the elliptical Monday, and did pretty well. Tuesday my leg was not at all healthy enough for impact running, so I asked my husband if we could wait two weeks to start running outside. The highs here in two weeks are predicted to be in the 80s, which sounds so much better than the upper 90s for running. Then last night by the time I got Aria into bed I was exhausted and didn’t get on the elliptical, though I will get on it tonight to make up for missing last night.
Despite all of these issues, I peeked on the scale this morning (wanting to be prepared for the damage before tomorrow) and I’ve lost nearly 4 pounds this week. Seriously!! It took me a moment to realize why, but once I did everything made sense. My little girl learned a new trick Saturday. She learned to crawl! At first it was just a scoot, almost like an army crawl, with her pulling herself with her arms, but now she crawls like a pro.
I have to credit this new skill to some friends of ours. We had dinner Friday night with a wonderful couple and their beautiful 2-year-old daughter. We asked her to crawl in front of Aria so she could see how to do it. The very next day Aria started crawling. It may be a coincidence, but I seriously doubt it. I have seen my daughter learn new things after going into the nursery at church and seeing babies there doing them. She is very observant (talk about pressure for mommy and daddy to try to always be a good example).
Anyway, with her crawling around I have had very little time to rest. During her naps I’m usually cleaning (big reason why I’m not able to post like I want to). I used to be able to clean with her playing contentedly in the living room, but now I have to have my eyes on her or else she’s into something she shouldn’t be. It seems like I’m always scooting across the floor to keep her from hurting herself. Strangely, I love it. I don’t think I’ve been happier as a mom. It is incredible to see her becoming independent, and to see the look of pride on her face when she does something new and we cheer and clap for her. She loves to be cheered on. She is SO beautiful!! I LOOOOVE being a mommy.
Sometimes I feel that I really need to post more, because when I do it seems to renew my passion for reaching this goal. I want to have many babies (okay, so some people won’t think 4 babies is many, some people will…for us, it is). I would honestly have as many babies as God and my husband allowed us to. I know that the best thing for any baby is for me to be in better shape.
This goes for if God allows me to become pregnant with another child or not. Of course my health is very important during pregnancy, but even if I don’t get that blessing again (I pray that won’t be an issue, and I’m not worried about it because of how easy it was the first time), I know my health is important to Aria. It is important to be an example to her of how we are to treat God’s temple. I can’t just call my body His temple; I have to beautify it as I would a physical temple. I’m working on the inside, and I have to work on the outside as well.
Anyway, I need your help. Have you ever had to overcome a slump time? If so, how did you do it? I will run on the elliptical tonight, and will have a renewed focus on Monday.  

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